Fuzzy Cognitive Maps  
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While playing with the applet I drew a few fuzzy cognitive maps and tried them. I decided to write what I was doing in the form of tutorials, and to post them here, so that you can read them and learn how to use the applet.

To use the tutorials you do not need to input the fuzzy cognitive maps in the applet from scratch. The maps described in the tutorials have been preloaded in the applet. All you have to do is to click the Load System button and select the system of your choice.

The tutorials are sorted by increasing complexity.

  • Grazing fields: a very simple fuzzy cognitive map with only two factors. It represents a simple ecosystem formed by grassland and hervibores.
  • Prey and predator: a slightly more complex system formed by food, preys and predators.
  • Wildlife reserve: a more realistic fuzzy cognitive map that models a wildlife reserve in which several factors take part.
  • Offer and demand: this fuzzy map represents an economic system with producers, products, consumers and prices.
  • Bad weather driving: a fuzzy cognitive map that shows how bad weather can affect how fast you drive on a freeway.
  • On complexity and fuzziness: some comments about complexity and fuzziness in a cognitive map.
  • The Middle East: a fuzzy cognitive map of one of the many possible views of the situation in the Middle East.
  • The economy: an incomplete fuzzy cognitive map to represent the market economy in a Western country.